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Tomo II

· Índice
· Glosario terminológico contextual
· Notas de traductor
· Definitions and main elements of the following
  Anglo-American contracts
· Contratos Inglés-Español
· Principales características de los contratos
· Contratos Español-Inglés
· Referencias PL/LC
· Alternativas
· Referencias gramaticales

                    - Purchase options
                    - Review



The author’s fourth book is a new edition based on Contratos Civiles y Comerciales II, which was published in 1995.
This edition contains 40 contract forms, 20 translated into Spanish and 20 into English, and several new sections: brief theory of each topic both in En and Sp, an index of Translator’s Notes, practical references to Plain Language (PL) and Lenguaje Claro (LC) with translation solutions, and a Terminological Contextual Glossary in both languages including over 1,000 words. It has been retranslated, revised, corrected and updated to fit PL and LC standards and the language spoken by laymen. Forms are presented as parallel texts, i.e., each source text on the left page and its corresponding translation on the opposite one. It is designed to make research easier thanks to layout, footnotes, disposition of the tables of contents and a plain symbol system. This edition is the author’s own publication.


Glosario terminológico contextual
Notas de traductor
Definitions and main elements of the following
      Anglo-American contracts

Contratos inglés-español
    Security agreement
    Mortgage deed
    Extension of real estate mortgage
    Chattel mortgage – Short form
    Chattel mortgage
    Agreement with partners to promote
    formation of corporation
    Agreement to organize a corporation
    Bylaws of ______ & Co., Inc.
    Stock retirement agreement
    Certificate of formation of ______ Company LLC
    Simple partnership agreement
    Articles of limited partnership
    Power of attorney (general power of attorney)
    Power of attorney – trading authorization
    Designated person/agent Agreement
    Revocation of a power of attorney
    Technical assistance agreement
    Technical assistance offered by independent contractor

Principales características de los contratos argentinos
Contratos español-inglés

    Contrato con garantía hipotecaria
    Cancelación de hipoteca
    Contrato de prenda con registro
    Contrato de fianza
    Carta de intención
    Acta de constitución (y estatuto)
    Contrato de sociedad
    Contrato: ingreso de un socio
    Contrato de sociedad de responsabilidad limitada
    Reconducción de sociedad
    Cesión de cuotas – Aumento de capital
    Contrato de sociedad de capital e industria
    Poder general amplio
    Poder para constituir una sociedad de capitales
    Poder otorgado por acreedor para iniciar sucesión
    Carta poder
    Poder (Venezuela)
    Revocación de poder



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