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liliana    bernardita   mariotto 


She completed 4-year Teacher-Training Program at UBA School of Law in June 2006.

Professional meetings attended:

I Jornadas Internacionales de Actualización para Formadores en Traducción Traducción [First International One-day Meeting for Translation Trainers Updating]. School of Law, UBA & CTPCBA, 2007.

Jornada de Capacitación Docente “Formar al Formador pensando en el futuro profesional” [One-day meeting on Training of Trainers], at CTPCBA, in 2006.

Tercera “Jornada sobre Capacitación para Docentes de la Carrera de Traductor Público” [Third one-day meting on Training Trainers to teach the Program of Certified Translation Studies], at CTPCBA, in 2003.

Currently, she develops and offers undergraduate and graduate classes and workshops. She has trained advanced students and professionals at CTPCBA; Association of Certified Translators of the Province of Córdoba (CTPPC); Graduate Department in Buenos Aires University School of Law; Córdoba University School of Language; Universidad del Aconcagua (Mendoza, AR); Universidad Adventista del Plata (Entre Ríos, AR); Royal School of English (Salta, AR); ICON Language Services (Santa Fe, AR); Association of Translators of (the 2nd District of) Santa Fe (AR).

2007-present. Full Professor: Annual Course on the Program of Certified Translation Studies at UBA School of Law. Course: Yechnical Translation and Transaltion History.
This course includes translation of general topics such as medicine, politics, environment, law theory, economy, tourism, human resources, technology, telecommunications and marketing.

1996-2011. Associate Professor: Annual Course on the Program of Certified Translation Studies at UBA School of Law. Course: Translating & Interpreting [II].
This course includes the following subjects:
    ● Personal documents
    ● Education Systems and Documents
    ● Contracts
    ● Torts

2002-2005. Professor at the Master´s Program Maestría en Traductología - Translation for Specific Purposes, at Córdoba University School of Language. She has already offered the following workshops:
    ● Contracts
    ● Banking Contracts
    ● Education Systems
    ● Registry Instruments.

1983-1985. Former Associate Professor at Universidad del Salvador, where she taught three annual courses:
    ● Translation of Labor Law
    ● Translation of Constitutional Law
    ● Translation of Criminal Law.

1983-1984. Former Associate Professor at Buenos Aires University School of Psychology.

She offered the following undergraduate workshops:

        ● Translation of personal documents into Spanish. Universidad Adventista del Plata. Libertador San        Martín, Entre Ríos. 2005.

        ● Legal Translation and Discourse: Education Systems – Comparative Framework. ICON Servicios        de idiomas. Rosario, Santa Fe. 2004.

She offered the following graduate workshops:

Comparative law: Meaning, translation and translation strategies. Colegio de Traductores de la Provincia de Santa Fe (2nd District), 2009.

Comparative law: Discussing definitions before translating texts. CTPCBA, 2009.       

Modern Trade Systems: Agency, Distribution, Franchise and Concessionaire Agreements. Higher  School of Foreign Languages, Universidad del Aconcagua, Mendoza, 2003.

Discourse Analysis: Correction of Errors in Translation. CTPPC, 2003 and [twice in] 2000 .

First Workshop on Translation: An approach to the translation of Contracts and Medicine Texts. The Royal School of English, Salta, 2000.

Translation & Interpretation of Medicine texts (in association with an interpreter). CTPCBA, 2000.

Contracts: Analysis and Translation. CTPCBA, 2000, [twice in] 1999 and 1998.

Translation of Medicine texts. CTPCBA, 1999.

Contracts and Torts. Graduate Department in Buenos Aires University School of Law and CTPCBA, 1997 and 1989.

Contracts. CTPCBA, 1993.