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Bachelor´s degree in translation: Sworn/Certified Translator. Graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA) School of Law (AR) - Program of Certified Translation Studies, 1981.
Language pairs: English-Spanish / Spanish-English
Native Language: Spanish.
Free-lance translator since graduation date.
Expert Translator for the Judiciary.

Lecturer. Certificate obtained from UBA after completion of Teacher Training Program (4-year major) in 2006.

Over 30 years' experience as a free-lance translator.


Registration number/License granted by Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos
Aires (CTPCBA)
[Association of Certified Translators of Buenos Aires]
American Translator´s Association (ATA) former Corresponding Member.

Other activities:

Jury member for selection of presentations at the II International Forum on Specialized Translation: «Borges, entre el escritor y el traductor» ( CTPBA, 2009) and at the V Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación: Traducir culturas: un desafío bicentenario ( CTPBA, 2010.)

Jury member for selection of applicants for positions in the Program of Certified Translation Studies at UBA.

Member included in the Expert Register of the National Commission for University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAU) for the assessment of graduate projects and majors in Translation and Interpretation, 2009.

● Former Coordinator of the Commission of Research and Teaching Activities at CTPCBA, 2008.

● Coordinator of the Commission of Remuneration and Rates at CTPCBA, 2008.

Former Moderator of CTPCBA online group El Lenguaraz, 2008 to date.

In-house bilingual secretary and freelance translator at Interferón S. A., 1981-1984.
In-house translator at the Tissue Culture Service and Research Department of “Angel H. Roffo” Oncology Institute, 1978-1981.

Specialisation fields


Legal: Civil and Criminal Law: Copyright Maritime Law Laws and rules Real estate Business Law Corporate Law Personal documents Trademarks Certificates Contracts Bids Lawsuits Court decisions and findings      


Scientific: Medicine Biomedicine Neurology Mental Health Virology Biochemistry Pharmacology Ophthalmology Dermatology Cosmetics HealthCare ( Papers for publication Medical reports Clinical studies Package inserts & labels QA Validation Reports Patient info leaflets Informed consents Hospital brochures Protocols Healthcare Rules) Veterinary


Technical: IT Software Computer Telecommunications Transportation Fact sheets QC/QA Patents Food industry Civil Engineering


Other:Tourism Pet food Education Transcripts Certificates Diplomas Education Systems E-learning Human rights Human Resources Marketing Patents Ecology


Talk and Discussion presentations

Presentations delivered at the following conferences:


●2013. Polisemia, ambigüedad y 'falsos amigos' en la traducción jurídica [Polysemy, Ambiguities and False Friends in legal translation.]Tercera Jornada de traducción jurídica. Comisión de Área Temática Jurídica, CTPCBA.

2012. Translation strategies. Jornada de la Comisión de Inglés, El inglés en diversos ámbitos, CTPCBA. CABA.

2011. Traducción jurídica: Contratos. Términos claves en la traducción del contrato[Key terms in the translation of contracts.] III Jornadas Internacionales de Traducción e Interpretación. UCAECE Sede Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires).

El alumno devenido profesional: cuestiones éticas [Students as Professionals: Ethical Issues for consideration.] Jornada de capacitación   profesional organizada por la Carrera de Traductor Público de la UBA y por el CTPCBA.

Recursos de consulta para el traductor [Resources for Research in Translation.] Comisión de Área temática jurídica. Primera Jornada de terminología jurídica: La elaboración de glosarios jurídicos. CTPCBA. CABA.

Traducción, ética y deontología: un triángulo indisoluble [Translation, Ethics and Deontological Ethics cannot be set apart.] Primer Congreso de Traducción e Interpretación en Uruguay. Montevideo, Uruguay.

2010. Cuatro puntos esenciales [Four Basics.], included in the topic “Professional Prac- tice” lectured to students. Organized by CTPCBA and Universidad de Morón.

Ser ético: Una necesidad que se agiganta [Ehics is an Ever-Growing Necessity.] Translators’ Day Meeting organized by CTPCBA, ADICA and AATI.

La traducción como promotor de relaciones humanas [Translation Promotes Human Relations.] 2. º Congreso Iberoamericano de Ceremonial, Relaciones Públicas, Hospitalidad, Imagen y Organización de Eventos. Fundación Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios Culturales (CIDEC).

La experiencia es transferible [Experience Can Be Transferred.] The 1st One-Day Meeting organized by the Commission of Job Tips and Opportunities of CTPCBA.

La pregunta es a qué español traducimos [What Variety of Spanish do we currently translate into?] CTPCBA V Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación held in Buenos Aires.

Ser traductor público: un desafío permanente [Working as a Certified Translator is a Constant Challenge.] One-Day Meeting on Professional Practice within the 36.º International Book Exhibition in Buenos Aires.

¿Es necesario estudiar traducción?  [Do I Need to Study Translation?] III ABRATES International Congress on Translation and Interpretation: The Global Crisis and the Decipherers of Babel, on the Round Table on Teaching Translation and Interpreting at University, held at Porto Alegre, Brazil [ABRATES: Association of Translators and Interpreters of Brazil].

Sistemas comparados: Soluciones de traducción de cognados y falsos amigos en      el campo contractual [Comparative Legal Systems: translating Cognates and False             Friends found in Legal Terminology.] ATA Spanish Division 6th Mid-Year Conference held at San Diego, CA.

● 2009. Terminología contractual: cognados y falsos cognados [Contract Terminology: Cognates and False Friends.] First Interdisciplinary One-day Meeting on Professional Practice organized by CTPCBA, (AATI and (ADICA) in Buenos Aires.

2008. Traducción de contratos: La traducción de términos claves [Translating Con-    tracts: Key Terms.] VI Jornadas Académicas FICCTE 2008. Universidad de Morón. Traductorado público de inglés. Morón (Buenos Aires), AR.

Derecho comparado: El análisis de definiciones previo a la construcción de traducción [Comparative Law: Discussion of Definitions for Translation Building.] ATA Spanish Division 5th Semi Annual Mid Year Conference. Philadelphia, PA, U.S.

2006. La traducción de cuestiones problemáticas comunes a los contratos [Translation of common issues in contracts.] ATA 47th Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA, U.S.

Traducción de contratos inglés-español según el Plain Language Movement [The Translation of Contracts according to Plain Language Movement.] I Congreso Internacional de Traducción Especializada. CTPCBA & Buenos Aires University. Buenos Aires, AR, and ATIMAC´s II International Symposia & Convention, Monterrey, MX.

2005. Retrotraducción: un eficaz método de control [Back translation: an efficient control method.] 4th Translation & Interpretation Conference. Córdoba, AR.)

2003. Marcadores del lenguaje jurídico [Legal-text markers.] 44th ATA Annual Conference. Phoenix, AZ, U.S. (Paper accepted by the Judicial Council of California Administrative Office of the Courts Continuing Education Activity for Court Interpreter Minimum Continuing Education Credit [CIMCE]).

¿Cómo vende sus servicios el traductor independiente a clientes dentro y fuera del país? [Translation services offered in the domestic and international markets.] 4. º Jornada sobre Ejercicio de la Profesión. CTPCBA.

Cómo traducir el texto jurídico [Translating legal texts.] 3rd Translation and Interpretation Conference. Córdoba.

Elementos necesarios para la traducción y la traducción de textos jurídicos. IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación. Buenos Aires.

● 2002. Enseñanza de Traducción Jurídica [Teaching legal translation]. 43rd ATA Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.

2001. Translation, Teaching and Writing. National University of La Plata, AR.

1999. Diccionarios confiables. Uso y abuso de diccionarios, glosarios e internet [Reliable Dictionaries. Use and abuse of dictionaries, glossaries and information available on the Internet]. CTPCBA.


Graduate and extracurricular activities attended


2009. One-day Course at the 35º Feria del Libro: "El español nuestro de cada día". CTPCBA

2007. ATA 48th Annual Conference (San Francisco, CA)

2004/2003. ATA 45th and 44th Annual Conference (Toronto, CAN/Phoenix, AZ, US)

2003/2002. Teachers Meetings (CTPCBA)

2002. ATA 43rd Annual Conference (Atlanta, GA)

          . Translators and Interpreters Meeting (La Plata, Northern, Southern and Western          Translators Associations) (San Isidro, AR)

2001. ATA 42nd Annual Conference (Los Angeles, CA)

          . Guest attendee at two full court sessions held at Maricopa County Superior Court,          Phoenix, AZ

1998. II Congreso Latinoamericano de Traducción e Interpretación (Buenos Aires)

2007- 1983. Active participation in conferences, classes, round tables and workshops:

● One-day Course: Legal Translation - Fideicomisos en la Argentina; Trust; Copyright. CTPCBA & UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) (Bs. As. 2007)

I Jornadas Internacionales de Actualización para Formadores en Traducción (School of Law, UBA & CTPCBA) (Bs. As. 2007)

E-teaching: Translating Strategies (Bs. As. 2007)

Bang! The Automotive Personal Injury Lawsuit in the U.S. and Latin America: From Tread Separation and Yaw Marks to Bystander Injury Claims (ATA 2006)

La trasgresión de la calidad idiomática en las traducciones (4th Translation & Interpretation Conference, Córdoba 2005)

Corporate Law in the U.S. and Spain (ATA 2004)

Las Resoluciones Judiciales en el derecho argentino: desafíos léxicos y discursivos (ATA 2003)

Translation of Web sites (CTPCBA)

Financial Markets (UBA)

The Challenge: Translating an Economic Analysis into English (ATA 2001)

Foreign Trade (BankBoston)

CATs (Trados Products) (CTPCBA)

Translation and Interpretation of Medicine Texts (UBA)

Translation in Latin America (CTPCBA)

Strategies for Translation (CTPCBA)

Professional Career Performance (CTPCBA)

Contrastive Grammar (CTPCBA)

Main Difficulties of Translation in Spanish (CTPCBA)